GeoBlog Analysis

Please take a few minutes to reply…..Your responses will help me to improve GeoBlogs!  I want this to be the best possible tool to help YOU in Honors Geometry!!
I’m proud of those who bravely scribed – some blogging for the first time!!  I hope to avoid the technical difficulties we experienced by allowing you to actually post this Nine Weeks and not just “reply”. 

What do you think about GeoBlogs???
Did blogging help facilitate your learning during the 3rd Nine Weeks?
When you were the scribe, did it affect your focus in class?
What is the BEST thing about blogging for academics?
What is the WORST thing about blogging for academics?
How would you change GeoBlog to make it better?

(Let’s suspend the “first name/last initial” rule for this post.  You may just be Student or Anonymous.  I want you to be honest!! It won’t hurt my feelings – You all know that high school teachers don’t have feeling!!)  )

Mrs. C

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